mydaywithleo #mydaywithadayjob part 4 (ft. boom truck brad) the captions for these will be my musings on the benefits of sidework for creatives. i’m sorry for not keeping up with these posts. i know some of you liked them, but life has been inspiring me in other directions (hi, you) and i haven’t written out proper thoughts on my side work in a little bit. but i decided to carve out a little time and jot something down that happened yesterday. ed has a device inside his chest that helps control some of his muscle spasms. there’s a garage door looking thingy that tells him if the device is working and lately it hasn’t been turning on. and ed’s symptoms have sort of ramped up. i’ve caught him from falling or thought he was about to fall quite a few times the last couple thursdays. so me and him were trying to figure out what was wrong with the garage door thingy and got on the phone with the company to trouble shoot it. they’re sending a new device and ed will know if he needs surgery after it comes. “they can’t replace the batteries some other way?!” i asked, immediately realizing that ed probably doesn’t have a battery compartment with a cover on his back where the doc can just change out some double a’s like a cabbage patch doll. ed lifted up his shirt to show me the scars on his chest where the devices were. he was very hairy and i said “you’re a hairy fella!” and he laughed and we both laughed. a few minutes later, he asked me to find the song hair from the musical hair and i played it while he sang along. she asks me why i’m just a hairy guy i’m hairy noon and night hell that’s a fright i’m hairy high and low don’t ask me why don’t know it’s not for a lack of bread like the grateful dead darling

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